Ariella Daly is a bee tender and bee enthusiast who has a fascination with the cultural and historical practices, myths and beliefs around bees and beekeeping.  Ariella came to beekeeping through some serendipity, some heartbreak, and some soul-searching.  She has been tending hives for the past seven years.  She works closely with women beekeepers and women who work with the hive on a symbolic/metaphorical level. Ariella has studied extensively under The Path of Pollen, a shamanic honey bee tradition of the British Isles.  Her approach to beekeeping falls under the general and debatable labels of natural and bee-centric beekeeping. She is primarily interested in the relationship between beekeeper and bees, what we can learn from the hive being and what we can offer to the bees, both in a single hive and as a species. She assists clients in the basics of hive maintenance, learning how to care for bees, and developing a relationship to the honey bee.  Her goal is to empower clients to eventually work with their honey bee colonies on their own and to use the human-nature relationship to delve deeper into their own soul.  While her style focuses on a more feminine approach than is currently practised in the commercial beekeeping world, she happily works with clients of any gender.  And of course, most of the time, she tends her hives dressed in skirts.

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