Liv is a Kontomble voice diviner and an international ritual facilitator. She is trained and apprenticed for 8 years with Malidoma Patrice Somé, who is an author and West African shaman. During that time she made many pilgrimages to West Africa. There she spent time in the villages with the medicine people and also reconnected with Kontomble. She has gone through several initiations that enabled her to speak in a tongue of the Kontomble. Liv has been working with people individually as well as facilitating healing and community for 12 years. More recently her work has brought her into the international community, where is she facilitating both private and group divinations. She tours the world facilitating rituals, reminding people of their true nature, which is deeper than our modern selves would have us believe. For the past few years, Liv has been working with friends and researchers to help uncover the stories and memories of the little people around the world. She recently co-founded The Sacred Elemental Wisdom Institute with doctor Katherine Coder to help empower women while they move into deep routes of earth-based spiritual practice for personal transformation and help others with their growth and healing as well.

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