For over 25 years Tracey Turner-Keyser has specialized in helping biological, legal guardian, step, foster and adoptive families with difficult or challenging children to understand and transform dysfunctional behaviors, so they may experience joy in
their lives and peace in their family relationships. The most common disorders and symptoms she treats are reactive attachment disorder, mal-attachment issues, depression, anxiety, lack of impulse control, inability to focus, untrustworthiness, explosive behavior, difficulty sleeping, hyperactivity, PTSD or problems resulting from developmental complex trauma
(mental, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual). If you or your children are experiencing these or similar symptoms, she can help. She also helps to improve parenting style agreement between parents. As Tracey walks the path of movement therapist, counselor, and supervisor specializing in developmental complex trauma, using the tools of ancestral healing (Daniel Foor), dance movement therapy, embodied yoga, EMDR, and Body-Mind Centering (Bonnie Cohen) she has found her way to combine the traditional with the not-so-traditional, making this the foundation of Full Circle Family Counseling. She opens her heart and with firm guidance is here, waiting to be your witness and hold space for you.


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